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Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) (3231-183) buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Hiring for this position is still pending award of contract.
This opportunity is for a POTENTIAL CONTRACT award and is contingent upon the contract being awarded. Consideration for a potential contract may require a signed letter of intent. If the contract is awarded, another position posting will be available on the Company Career portal.
Perform safety and occupational health management, surveillance, inspections, and safety enforcement and training.
Critical responsibilities include:
Conduct daily safety and health inspections and maintain a written log which includes area/operation inspected, date of inspection, identified hazards, recommended corrective actions, estimated and actual dates of corrections. Attach safety inspection logs to the contractors' daily quality control report.
Conduct mishap investigations and complete required reports. Maintain the OSHA Form 300 and Daily Production reports for prime and sub-contractors.
Maintain applicable safety reference material on the job site, to include MSDS.
Attend the pre-construction conference, pre-work meetings including preparatory inspection meeting, and periodic in-progress meetings. Develop, and Implement APPS and AHAs. Maintain a safety and health deficiency tracking system that monitors outstanding deficiencies until resolution. Post a list of unresolved safety and health deficiencies on the safety bulletin board.
Ensure sub-contractor compliance with safety and health requirements.
Must be certified as STS, CSP or CHST.
Required Skills
Must be certified as STS, CSP or CHST.
Required Experience
The Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) shall have completed 5 years of satisfactory experience in preparing and enforcing a safety program on contracts of similar size and complexity in the past; have a current FA/CPR certificate;
Must have completed 30-hour OSHA Construction safety class or equivalent within the last five years and have documented an average of at least 24 hours of safety training per year for the past five years.
Must have multi-year experience with the application of EM-385
Must be certified as STS, CSP or CHST - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist